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Evolve Leadership and Coaching

Founded in 2014 by Evrim Cabbaroglu who has more than twenty years of experience in human resources management, consultancy and executive coaching.

Evolve Leadership and Coaching offers:

  • Custom-designed coaching programs such as executive coaching, systems and team coaching programs, and action learning and group coaching programs; leadership development programs and consultancy services in designing talent management, internal coaching and mentoring systems within the organizations.
  • Mentor coaching and supervision services to coaches who aspire to increase their personal awareness and develop their competencies in the process of credentialing.
  • Evolve Leadership and Coaching offers career coaching and life coaching services for individuals who wish to improve their awareness in their personal development journey and help them realize their true potential.

Evolve, provides coaching services in ICF standards; applies ORSC, Gestalt, Marshall & Goldsmith, Team Diagnositcs and Systemic Team Coaching methodologies in its programs.

Our Approach to Leadership and Coaching

We take on different disciplines and approaches regarding leadership development and coaching in all of our services.

Our perspective on leadership is based on the holistic and comprehensive approach of Gestalt psychology. According to this perspective, we exist in four levels at all times: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (Meaning-seeking level). Fulfillment in life is possible only when all four dimensions are honored. Therefore, we aim to support leaders in taking each dimension in consideration in all of their decisions and actions.

On the other hand, theories on leadership generally position leaders into the center of their thinking and focus on developing the leader. However, we believe that leadership is more than the leader. It is equally important to have followers, a context that share and build together, a shared purpose; and all of these to work collectively in a healthy dynamic. Only then we would able to talk about real leadership. In that perspective, we design our leadership development and coaching programs with a systemic approach, aiming to comprehend the system as a whole.

For us, leadership is a journey towards the inside, as well as being an outward one. Therefore it is highly important for leaders to realize their impact on the system and be able to shape the impact they want to create intentionally and consciously. (For more information: Donna Ladkin, Leadership Moment, Rethinking Leadership) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOIu-Ign_B8

In this process, we see leadership development as a journey evolving from expert leadership to transformational leadership. We believe that reaching up to the next step would only be possible with embracing, containing and surpassing the ones below. (For more information: Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs, Leadership Agility) http://www.changewise.biz/

Our Team

Evrim Cabbaroglu
Evrim CabbarogluMA (Leadership and Coaching)
Founder, Evolve Leadership and Coaching
Chairwoman of the Executive Board (2018-2021), EMCC Turkey
Senior Lecturer of Leadership and Coaching, Koc University, Graduate School of Business
Selin Ustuner
Selin UstunerMSc., ATC
Content and Design Consultant, Professional Coach
Burcak Cullu
Burcak CulluMA
Professional Coach, HR Development Consultant