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Burçak Çullu
Burçak ÇulluProfessional Coach, HR Development Consultant

Burçak Çullu

Burçak Çullu is the Ankara Representative of Evolve Leadership and Coaching Ankara. She designed ‘Coaching Skills in Project Management’ Programme and provides professional coaching to the professionals and students with a specific focus to career coaching, intercultural dialogue and women empowerment. Besides she acts as the Country Director of the International Consulting Expertise EEIG Turkey Office and mentor to H2020.

She started her career back in 2004 and actively involved and designed national and international scale programmes and strategies to enhance human resources. She acted as Marie-Skolodowska Curie and Steering Group Human Resources Management European Commission Delegate to Turkey (between 2007-2011) and worked on brain-drain, mobility of human resources, HRM policy development. She mentored the delegations such as Spain and Macedonia. She took part in the management committees of more than 14 International Cooperation Projects.

Between 2012-13 she worked in the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme which aims at enhancing the capacity of the talents. In the years 2013-2016; she worked as CEMS (Community of European Management Schools which ranks at top 10th in Financial times) Programme and Corporate Relations Manager and mentored the students.

She is certified as ‘Adler Trained Coach’ after completing the ‘Coach Like Leadership’ programme in 2014; ADLER Certified Coaching Programme in 2015 and ADLER Practicum Programme in 2017. She acted as assistant in the Coach Like Leadership Course at Koc University Graduate School of Business. She was also UN Kofi Annan Business School Foundation ambassador. She completed the ‘Creative Writing Skills’ Course with Mario-Levi. She is also a Yoga Practitioner.

She has proven professional experience in programme and project management, development, design and implementation. In her coaching career; she blends her knowledge gained through her career development with her coaching skills.

She is an active member of European Mentors and Coaching Council, International Coaching Federation; New and Emerging Technologies Business Angels Network. She is the founder of a platform ‘Kelimelerin Bilgeligi’ and has her own blog ‘burcakcll’.

She has a dream of publishing her book and designing programmes for children.