As Evolve Leadership and Coaching, we offer custom-designed coaching programs, leadership development programs and consultancy services for systems development and design for the organizations.

Depending on the specific needs of the organizations, we offer:

  • A range of coaching services as executive coaching, systems and team coaching programs, and action learning and group coaching programs;
  • Leadership development programs;
  • Consultancy services in designing talent management, internal coaching and mentoring systems within the organizations.

Coaching Programs

International Coach Federation (ICF):
“Coaching is a partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

We offer executive coaching services to middle and top management executives, talent pool executives and executive candidates; with the aim of to help them identify the areas they want to create a change in their lives, determine the direction to follow, initiate and maintain the change.

The areas of change could be in different dimensions such as performance, learning or fulfillment. In either case, the aim of coaching is to help people realize their self-resources and potential, and to support them in the process of finding their own solutions and reaching the desired situation.

In executive coaching, we take on Adler Coaching, Eurasian Gestalt Coaching and Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching approaches and methodologies.

The fundamental ground of our systems coaching services is the Deep Democracy methodology: pluralistic democracy rather than democracy of the majority. We believe that creating a sustainable change and transformation within the system would only be possible through reaching the potential and the wisdom of the minority; by adopting an inclusive approach that invites all of the voices within the system to be heard.

Systems are more than the sum of its parts. Moving upon that perspective, team coaching programs that we offer for functional and matrix teams within organizations aim to reveal their true potential and to consequently create a greater and collective benefit that will carry the system forward.

We focus on five dimensions in our team coaching programs:


The approaches and disciplines we embrace in our team coaching programs are:
• ORSC: Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching – CRR Global
• Team Coaching International (TCI)
• Systemic Team Coaching – Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)
• Deep Democracy – Myrna Lewis Methodology

The fundamental principle that we take on for learning is the Action Learning (AL) methodology. According to the Action Learning cycle, effective and lasting learning would be possible when a particular action is followed by the stages of reflecting on that action, making sense out of it, and then planning the next action accordingly. Research findings manifest that adult learning is an ongoing process of moving back and forth on the axis of experiencing and making inferences on the experience.


Our group coaching programs are based on Action Learning methodology and systemic approach. As being a part of the system, we would be able to increase our personal awareness and to transform ourselves through our interactions with the other members of the system; and thereby it would be possible for us to define our goals and develop competencies to create an action plan accordingly.

Ubuntu – South African Philosophy
“I am, because of you”

“Every human being is by nature meaning-seeking and meaning- making.”

Social constructionist paradigm: (Heron and Reason, 1997)
“We build and create our own reality with the community which we are a part of.”

Leadership Development Programs

Researches state the most significant managerial competency that distinguishes a good manager from an ordinary one as coaching approach. However, in many organizations, coaching is not a part of what was expected from managers. Employee loyalty researches revealed that the most important factors for employees were opportunities for learning and career development; yet many executives still have not seen coaching as a part of their job description.

70% of employee learning during the development process takes place on the job. Thus, managers support their employees’ learning and development when they take an active part in their development processes. Thereby, the employee loyalty level within the organization increases.

The most powerful source of motivation for people in work life is being able to achieve development and progress in an area where they personally find meaningful. Accordingly, the key thing for a leader to do everyday is to support his/her team members’ experience in developing at a meaningful area. The best way to do this is to find what each employee is motivated by, creating connections between their personal values and the organization’s strategies, bringing out the strengths and the potential of the employees, and support their development with timely and effective feedbacks. For this to be possible creating a positive leadership and change culture within the organization and being an effective role model as a leader in its integration is essential.

Coach-like leadership program aims to:

• Support leaders to adopt coach-like approach as a part of their work and work relationships,
• Help them develop coach-like mentality and language in their interactions,
• Help them build on coaching competencies in effective listening, questioning and acknowledgment,
• Encourage their thinking regarding the alternative situations and needs where coaching approach would be the best tool to use,
• Provide them with the structure and guideline for the regular coaching conversations that they could have with their employees.

Holistic Leadership program is designed to help us picture leadership as multidimensional, inclusive and integral – holistic. The fundamental idea is that leaders are to be able to touch both poles in every phenomenon they encounter, to embrace, contain and surpass the duality by meeting the both ends; and thereby become whole.

These poles – dualities can occur in different forms:
Body — Mind
Emotion — Logic
Matter — Meaning

According to the holistic approach of Gestalt, we exist in four levels at all times: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (Meaning-seeking level). Fulfillment in life is possible only when all four dimensions are honored.

By noticing the dualities/polarities regarding these levels throughout their internal journey, leaders would be able to perpetuate all four levels of existence in a balanced way at all the decisions and choices they make.

Some of the dualities/polarities that leaders can experience are:

The need for connection with the system — the need for separation from self
The need for connection with self — the need for separation from the system.
The essence of life is to find and maintain the balance between being a part of the system and being our authentic selves.

Feminine Leadership Traits — Masculine Leadership Traits
The approach is that every leader has both masculine and feminine leadership traits, regardless of gender, which can be used consciously and in a balanced way. Researches show that the ongoing masculine energy in the business context started to be blended with the feminine energy. Moreover, the desired leadership profile for the future context will comprise of leadership traits that are balanced with feminine energy.

Being a Leader — Being a Follower
For us, leadership is not a notion that places the leader in the center; it is beyond the leader. In order to be able to talk about true leadership in a setting, the role of the follower is as much important as the role of the leader. It is important for each leader to be able to realize both leader and follower roles in himself/herself and to use each role in a functional and balanced way; thereby this duality is contained and surpassed.

Leadership development programs are custom designed for the organizations as long-term processes that enable the competencies to be built upon one another, and the development and progress to be lasting and sustainable. These programs are supported with Action Learning and Group Coaching methodologies to strengthen the learning.

Development Systems Design

Success of organizations depends upon individuals. Managements that are targeting sustainable success had adopted a human-centered approach.

Realizing the competencies and skills that employees have, acknowledging them, encouraging them to utilize their existing resources, helping them determine their direction of development and supporting them throughout the developmental process is essential regarding organizational success. Accordingly, competency determination, career planning and selection of developmental programs stand out among talent management practices.

Evolve Leadership and Coaching offers consultancy services to organizations regarding the design, implementation and execution processes; and offers coaching services to the executives who are in the talent pool.

Evolve Leadership and Coaching offers consultancy services to the organizations regarding the design of internal coaching systems and delivery of the coaching trainings.

Internal Corporate Coaching

Evrim Cabbaroglu, the founder of Evolve Leadership and Coaching, worked as Corporate Coach at Koc Holding between 2012 and 2014. During the period she designed, implemented and delivered corporate coaching and leadership development programs for future leaders of Koc Group. (Koc Group is the largest conglomerate in Turkey, operating in various sectors such as energy, automotive, consumer durables, finance, etc. –

Furthermore, aiming to deploy the coaching culture as a management philosophy in Koc Group, she created a pool of internal coaches and designed the internal coaching process. As a result of this project, a pool 106 internal coaches were developed; who went through an ICF accredited professional coaching program and received supervision while they coached nearly 200 managers across group companies each year.

Taking upon the experience, we provide organizations with systems consultancy services in designing the internal coaching systems and developing the processes.


David Clutterbuck:
“Mentoring can be defined as using one’s own wisdom to help another person develop his or her own wisdom.”

Evolve Leadership and Coaching offers consultancy services to organizations in designing mentoring systems; and facilitation in mentor and mentee training processes.

Mentoring is sharing one’s experience and wisdom in an area of expertise with someone less experienced and offering guidance.

A mentor is a positive role model, a good listener and observer. He or she has a high awareness, has experience; encourages and leads by creating impact rather than following the chain of command. He or she facilitates mentees’ access to unwritten information regarding company and management culture.

Mentoring system is valuable for each party involved: mentors, mentees and organizations:

• Mentors have the chance to have a fresh perspective of the organization, and to be able to develop their own leadership skills and management competencies when guiding the mentee.
• Mentees would adapt to the different business areas, cultures and perspectives more easily, feel personally valued by the company and cared in terms of career development, raise personal awareness and achieves personal development through learning from someone’s experiences.
• Organizations would benefit from increased internal communication and flow of information; and thereby contribution to improved leadership capacity and development of the future leaders.


Evolve Leadership and Coaching offers mentor coaching and supervision services to coaches who aspire to increase their personal awareness and develop their competencies in the process of credentialing.

In the journey of ICF accredited coaching development and the process of credentialing, individual and group mentor coaching services offered to coaches who aspire to gain personal awareness and improve their competencies. The aim is to achieve positive and lasting change through an experiential approach.

Supervision is critical for coaches to proceed with their professional development. Supervision process enables coaches to increase their personal awareness, improve their competencies; to objectively evaluate the coaching sessions he or she participated and receive suggestions/guidance when needed.

Supervision sessions support coaches in personal development and gaining awareness through an experiential methodology.

Supervision sessions are based on the 7 Eyed Supervision Model of Dr. Peter Hawkins. The model suggests that your perception, understanding and interpretation of reality are entirely influenced by the filter we take on when looking at the process:



Evolve Leadership and Coaching offers career coaching and life coaching services for individuals who wish to improve their awareness in their personal development journey and help them realize their true potential.

We take on Gestalt’s holistic approach on being. According to this perspective, we exist in four levels at all times: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (Meaning-seeking level). Fulfillment in life is possible only when all four dimensions are honored. We aim to support individuals in taking each dimension in consideration in all of their decisions and actions.

We believe that people exist to realize their potential; their journey is a vertical developmental path rather than a horizontal one. In order to support this journey, we offer career coaching and life coaching services.